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Apex Business Capital is part of a family of companies dedicated to meeting the financial needs of its clients. The Apex family of companies includes, Apex Commercial Lending, Apex Corporate Services, Preferred Realty Network, iTrain Systems, REO Logistics, Coregistics, and other companies including Investment Banking Firms, Hedge Funds, Real Estate Funds, Private Equity Funds, Private Investors, Commercial Lenders, Banks and more.  We have many lending and capital platforms to meet and exceed your needs. Whether it is a business loan and you are in a bit of a jam and the banks don’t want to help, or a commercial property where you need to restructure it because of challenging economic times or if you are in a very “A” credit situation and you are looking for the best programs and rates Apex can assist you in all aspects. Apex also assists companies that are working towards a capital raise for their business, we show you where there is over $2 Trillion in investment capital and how to access it. Please contact us so that we can tailor a plan top fit your monetary needs now.

Fast Business Loans

Fast Business Loans

Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance



What do all three of these figures have in common with you and us?


New business's start each year


There was over 64 Billion dollars spent on commercial real estate sales in 2012.


There is over $2.35 TRILLION Dollars invested in Funds that invest in all types of business's and investment models in the U.S.

There are most likely more zero’s generated by any one of these categories than you and I have combined and you and I as business owners are all part of what these figures represent.


Our job is to connect you to more of these zeros, to help you have ACCESS to the resources that can help YOU thrive within these zero’s and categories.

What principals make a great company? How can we be better for our customers? Here are principals that we strive for and believe will help us be a better company for you our clients:


Finding better ways to giving clients ACCESS to all of the resources that will help their company thrive and fulfill its mission and goals.

You First

A company should have a ``You First`` model where the customer is always #1 then all else will fall in place.


Customers’ and employees’ trust of a business are critical in its ultimate success.


Great companies cannot be fly-by-night, they have to be here and properly plan so that they be around during the good times and through the challenging times too.


Transparency builds trust between a company, its employees and its customers.


Consumers need consistency in the company’s presentation of its brand, pricing, product assortment and image.

Creates Word of Mouth Advertising

A company should strive to do all that it can for its customers so that the customer willingly tells others of the great experiences that have with the company.


Customer-centric organizations make it easy for customers to connect with them.


Customers will be loyal to a company as long as the company is loyal to its customers. Loyalty is definitely a two way street.

Our Team Of Experts

Apex Business Capital has a team of experts here to assist you every step of the way. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Are professionals are here to help you achieve your capital goals.

Everyone at Apex Business Capital is here to serve YOU. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions that you might have, thank you.

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